ImPACT Certification with Jeanette Barajas, OTR/L, LSVT, ITOT

Welcome back to the Occupational Therapy Specialties and Certifications series! For today's installment, we are talking about the ImPACT certification, a certification focused on concussion management. I had never heard of this certification until Jeanette reached out to me to share her experience as an ITOT (ImPACT Trained OT). After looking into it, it seems … Continue reading ImPACT Certification with Jeanette Barajas, OTR/L, LSVT, ITOT

Hand Therapy with Diana Williams, OTR/L, CHT

I have been very excited for this interview to be released since I first started emailing with Diana. When I originally sent out a request to my followers on Instagram about finding OTs with specialties or certifications to be featured on my blog, I had a follower reach out and tell me about OrthoGeorgia, an … Continue reading Hand Therapy with Diana Williams, OTR/L, CHT

DIRFloortime® with Emily Nguyen, OTR/L

Have you heard of DIRFloortime®? Until I started this series on OT specialties and certifications, I hadn't heard of DIRFloortime® - not a single clue! But Emily, a pediatric OT practicing in Hong Kong reached out to share about her experience with this certification and how it has impacted her practice! Before we dive into … Continue reading DIRFloortime® with Emily Nguyen, OTR/L

AOTA Badges with Jenna Nguyen, OTR/L

Have you heard of an AOTA badge? Before this interview I hadn't! AOTA badges are a digital way to show your learning achievements. Currently, you can obtain a badge is these specialties: Autism Cancer Rehabilitation Driving and Community Mobility Early Identification Emerging Leaders Development Program Falls Prevention Fieldwork Educator Fieldwork Educator Certificate Home Modification Low … Continue reading AOTA Badges with Jenna Nguyen, OTR/L

Patient Perspective: OT in SCI Rehabilitation

For this blog post, I interviewed my boyfriend who has C7 quadriplegia resulting from a spinal cord injury. I asked him for a more in-depth look at OT's role in SCI rehabilitation and his personal experience with it! Throughout this post I have included pictures (with Stephen's permission) of some highlights and accomplishments of his. … Continue reading Patient Perspective: OT in SCI Rehabilitation

LSVT-BIG with Nicole Dufresne OTR/L

To kick off the OT Specialties and Certifications series, we will be discussing the LSVT-BIG certification with Nicole Dufresne, OTR/L. For those who do not know what LSVT-BIG, or Lee Silverman Voice Treatment, is, it is an evidence-based intervention for those with Parkinson's disease. This treatment trains individuals to improve their physical movements and in … Continue reading LSVT-BIG with Nicole Dufresne OTR/L

Treatment Ideas in Outpatient Pediatrics

These interventions are categorized by the main skill I used them for, additional skills addressed will be bulleted underneath each activity. I often combined some of these activities to work on multiple skills at once - such as completing a desktop fine motor activity while seated on a yoga ball to work on core stability/postural … Continue reading Treatment Ideas in Outpatient Pediatrics

Review of Amicalola Falls State Park

Amicalola Falls State Park, located in North Georgia, boasts the tallest cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi, making it a popular, and well traversed park. One thing it also boasts is an ADA trail that leads straight to a beautiful view of the waterfall. I was intrigued because it is hard to find accessible paths … Continue reading Review of Amicalola Falls State Park