Treatment Ideas in Outpatient Pediatrics

These interventions are categorized by the main skill I used them for, additional skills addressed will be bulleted underneath each activity. I often combined some of these activities to work on multiple skills at once - such as completing a desktop fine motor activity while seated on a yoga ball to work on core stability/postural … Continue reading Treatment Ideas in Outpatient Pediatrics

3rd Term Recap and Level I Fieldwork Tips

Here we are, one year into my OT program, halfway done. What? That sounds impossible, yet this will be my last on-campus term and I'll be starting my level II fieldwork in January. Speaking truthfully, this term was one of the easiest so far, though it was the first where interventions were introduced, and my … Continue reading 3rd Term Recap and Level I Fieldwork Tips

OT School Interview Questions and Tips

Interviewing can be a pretty nerve-wracking experience, especially when it comes to something that you're very passionate about- like getting into OT school! And like most things, preparing in advance is a sure fire way to help ease nerves and set you up for success. So I've put together a list of interview questions, both … Continue reading OT School Interview Questions and Tips